About The Crowdfund King Program


My name is Mike, also known as the “Crowdfund King”. I’m an entrepreneur, successful crowdfunder, and world traveler. I’m a crowdfunding enthusiast and blogger. I like helping people grow their business with crowdfunding.

Its all possible from my crowdfunding skills. I launched my first crowdfunding project from my dorm room and raised $25,000 in just a few weeks. Since then I’ve helped launch hundreds of businesses through the use of crowdfunding.


I benefited a lot from using crowdfunding for my startup and I want to help others do it too. I want to launch successful projects on every major crowdfunding platform, in every crowdfunding category, but I need your help! Right now I’m on a mission to find others who are serious about launching their business ideas using crowdfunding.

Before I learned how to profit big time using the crowdfunding economy, I was just like you. I was struggling to launch a business and gain financial freedom. I was actually a broke college student. I had always researched ways to make money online and ways to start a business. But I never had a clear path the make it happen. Crowdfunding gave me that path to launch my first startup.

If you have an awesome product and you want to crowdfund it, then you should take my crowdfunding e-course!