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crowdfundking-models1My name is Michael Lauchlan, and I launched my first crowdfunding project from my college dorm room back in 2013. I raised $25,000 DOLLARS in just 30 DAYS with an almost ZERO marketing budget.

I use crowdfunding to turn my ideas into cash. I use other people’s money to launch my businesses using crowdfunding, and I get to live the life! 
I don’t tell you all this to brag. I tell it so you can realize that you can do it too. I learned how to do this myself. You can learn too with my special program.

“Crowdfunding is now the best way to launch any business. People are launching their ideas risk free by putting zero money down and cashing out with thousands of dollars.” -Entrepreneur Magazine

Product Page 4
Who Else Wants To Cash In On Crowdfunding?

Do you feel like you’re not reaching your true potential in life? Do you ever feel like your life can be so much better? Like you know there’s something big you can do, you’re just not doing it yet?

So did I, so I did something about it. First I realized that money is the biggest issue holding people back from being truly successful. In our society it takes money to make money, there’s no way around this fact. That’s why crowdfunding is such a secret weapon now, because it allows people like us to launch our ideas using “other people’s money”. You no longer have to give up on your dreams. 

Over the past 3 years I’ve used crowdfunding to changed my life AND completely transform people into successful entrepreneurs. As our society becomes more and more connected via social media and other technologies, crowdfunding will be the #1 way to launch a business in your lifetime. I created the Crowdfund King Program to make it easy for others to finally cash in on their ideas, risk free. You don’t want to miss out on this!


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About Crowdfund King

Michael Lauchlan, aka the Crowdfund King, is a self made entrepreneur and wildly successful crowdfunder. Mike’s crowdfund trainings and hands on consulting have helped hundreds of people become successful entrepreneurs themselves. Apply today at 


Contact us: [email protected]

Office: 929 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, California 90414