Introducing the Crowdfund King program – Work With Me


I’ve made a fortune from the crowdfunding economy. Now my mission is to have successful projects launching on every major crowdfunding platform, in every crowdfunding category, 24/7. To do that I’m going to need more dedicated people who have ideas that we can crowdfund together. I’m looking to work with people who want to be successful and are willing to learn the crowdfunding skills necessary to create, launch, and promote their own crowdfunding projects.

The Crowdfund King program is about taking you from zero to 100 real quick. It gives you everything you need to know to profit big time from the new crowdfunding economy. Its for anyone who wants to make money online anywhere, all from crowdfunding. All you need is an internet connection and an idea, and you could be the next success story from my program.


I’ve helped hundreds of students achieve success with crowdfunding. From high school students, to college grads, to 9 to 5 grinders, to retirees. Anyone can profit from crowdfunding using my proven strategies. If you want to launch a business or take your existing business to the next level with crowdfunding, then my program is your golden ticket to success.

All of my students complete my Crowdfund King training and get my hands on consulting to maximize their funding potential. I show you everything I use to launch my own profitable businesses using crowdfunding. Obviously get a lot of requests from people all around the world that want to work with me. Because of the overwhelming responses I receive, I created a full application process.


The application process in 100% online. I only want to work with people who are serious and who are focused. To apply you simply submit your crowdfunding idea, tell me about yourself, and fill out the questionnaire. If we think you’re a good fit then you will be notified about the next steps.

If you have an awesome crowdfunding idea and you want to achieve financial freedom with crowdfunding, then apply for my Crowdfund King program by clicking the button below!

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