How to use Facebook To Get Your Crowdfunding Project Funded


If you’ve been following my crowdfund marketing advice then you know I am huge fan of PR and Facebook when it comes to getting funded! My PR strategy is discussed in another blog post so I’m just going to focus on my Facebook strategies. Now, I first have to warn you that just reading my blog will not be enough to have success with your crowdfunding project. I barely scratch the surface on the kind of money you can raise with my strategies. I do this for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to give away all my secrets and have people using them. When it comes to marketing, when too many people start doing something it gets ruined. I only reveal the secrets to students in my program that I’m working with directly.
  2. I took the time to cover my strategies in depth in my training programs, along with videos and more so that you really get it. If you’re accepted into the Crowdfund King program you also get my consulting. So I like to look over your shoulder the whole time to make sure you implement these correctly.

These strategies let you drive massive sales during your crowdfunding project, and even afterwards from your website! I show you all my secrets and tricks in the Crowdfund King program.

Now, my Facebook methods are summarized into four main strategies:

A) Your personal Facebook profile

B) Your Facebook company page

C) Your direct Facebook ads

D) Your advertorial Facebook ads

Here’s an overview of each to get an idea of how I approach a crowdfunder’s Facebook strategies:

A) Your personal Facebook profile is a nice weapon in your arsenal. I show you my templates for personalized outreach to your friends and family without coming off as annoying or begging. I use creative and well timed posts to make your friends list a buzzing support group rather than a list of people you’re annoying for 30 days by trying to get them to contribute to your crowdfunding campaign.

B)  Your Facebook company page is an official page that you create. It is not a Facebook profile. It’s a page that you create while logged into your Facebook profile. You can create a company page, a project page, or product page, whatever. This is important because the people that Like this page will have a deeper interest in what you’re doing. You can often market to this audience much more aggressively than your Facebook friends. In the Crowdfund King program I show you all the different ways to build this audience and turn them into backers to get your crowdfunding project funded.

C) Direct Facebook ads are very effective in raising more funds for your crowdfunding project. Facebook is constantly adding new features and updating its advertising possibilities. That’s why in the Crowdfund King program we do a customized approach to your marketing plan. Facebook ads allow you to get in front of your most lucrative audiences quickly and cost effectively.

D) Advertorial Facebook ads are a more advanced and secret process that I use to get projects funded. An advertorial Facebook ad basically means that people see the ad, but don’t even realize its an ad! Think about how effective that can be in driving people genuinely interested  in what you’re doing, and then seeing they can contribute. This is seriously effective in raising huge money on your crowdfunding project, whether you launch on Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Now, as I mentioned before I don’t want to give away too much info here. You really want to have an indepth understand of these advertising concepts or you can lose money and hurt your project’s success. This is all covered in the Crowdfund King program.

If you have an awesome crowdfunding idea and you want to achieve financial freedom with crowdfunding, then apply for my Crowdfund King program by clicking the button below!

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