It’s Wednesday – Let’s Race Lamborghinis


It was a Wednesday, and I was a little bored. I decided to go race the new Lamborghini Huracan on the Las Vegas Raceway. I almost crashed twice. It was a lot of fun. After finishing up my last lap around the racetrack (which was my best lap time by the way) I realized, “wow, what the hell would I be doing today if I didn’t take a chance and launch my first business”.

I’d probably be working some stupid job that I hated.. or worse, being stuck in the education trap and going to some grad school. It was at that moment I realized how thankful I was that I took massive action when I did. I never thought that just one choice to take action some years ago would have lead to me racing my dream car on a race track care free, on a Wednesday.

Financial freedom is something great. Everyone should strive to achieve it. Being financially free allows you to be you. It allows you to do the things that you want to do, be at the places you want to be at, and be with the people who you want to be with. Nothing else comes close.


For all the dreamers our there, the only thing holding you back is you. That’s right. You’re the bottle neck! Stop butting things off. There’s no more excuses anymore, haven’t you heard? The new crowdfunding economy allows anyone with an idea to go and get funding for it. Success is now readily available for anyone willing to take massive action and get it. You can have your own equivalent of “racing a lambo on a Wednesday” lifestyle too.

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