Giving Back – Salvation Army Event Sponsor


Not too long ago I started this brand of bamboo eyewear through crowdfunding. We raised about $25,000 in just a few weeks by launching a Crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. That kicked things off.

Since then we’ve turned those funds into a full blown business. Now we’ve had customers from literally all around the world and have Waybu sold in fashion boutiques from Los Angeles to Paris, France.

This week I’m out the gold course greens.. but I’m not here to golf. I’m here to help support an organization that makes a difference in peoples lives. I’m talking about the Salvation Army. Each year the Salvation Army helps to feed and cloth thousands of people across the country. They make a huge difference in the communities they serve.

My biz Waybu Eyewear is a sponsor of the annual Salvation Army golf tournament in Southern California. It’s one of the biggest fundraising events of the year for their organization. It feels great to have the power to help support them in a big way by lending our company’s time and resources. Although I’m the “Crowdfund King”,  it’s not all about the mulla sometimes. It’s also nice to be able to support things that you like too.

I’ve been in a position to help this particular non-profit organization since 2013 to the present day. I was even honored by them when I was named a Salvation Army Superstar of Service Recipient, which is one of the highest awards they give to people. They only make that award each year to a select few individuals who are recognized as making a big impact in the community. I would never have been able to help so many people if I did not become an entrepreneur and have financial freedom.

That’s why I think crowdfunding and entrepreneurship is so great. It allows us to not just buy fancy cars and big houses, but to help others. Trying to be successful is a nobel mission, not greedy. Don’t let couch potatoes sit back and call you greedy for trying to be something more and leave a mark on the world. Crowdfunding is a way to do big things, not just make big money.

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